Frequently Asked Questions

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Give2Win is a charitable sweepstakes platform, centered around providing food for the hungry & homeless individuals within our local communities

As this is a sweepstakes platform, a gaming license is not required. However we must meet certain requirements, such as, no purchase is necessary to enter our competitions.

In addition, the pre-winner must accurately complete a skill testing question, prior to being declared as the official winner.

Give2Win is based out of Edmonton, AB, yet we serve across North America.

How Does It Work?

After choosing the prize you would like to win, select how many tickets you would like to support. Then follow the easy checkout steps.

Ticket prices vary per competition & prize. See competition prize for more details.

All eligible members are limited to only a max of 20 tickets per competition.

All competitions have a guaranteed draw date. Draws will be either on that guaranteed date, or immediately once all tickets are sold out.

All draws are LIVE draw. Follow on Facebook & Instagram

Absolutely! Anyone over the age of 16, living in Canada or the US is officially eligible to enter this competition.

Don't worry. All draws include a guaranteed draw date. And in the unlikely event that NOT all the tickets are sold, we still do the draw on the guaranteed draw date.

Winners & Prizes

Just entering the competition allows you a great opportunity to win!

Specifically you can choose how many tickets (shirt or no-shirt) you'd like. Once you have completed your order, you will be officially entered into the competition.

Unless otherwise indicated, each competition includes 100% FREE shipping cost. In the event that there is additional duty & or shipping costs, the Winner may be responsible for those fees.

At the end of the competition, via Live Stream on Facebook & Instagram. the winner will be randomly selected from all valid Vouchers, by a 100% secure & certified third-party authority. We use

In some competitions there may be more than 1 winner. We will communicate if there will be any other prizes given.

Check out the specific competition details for more information.


When you give, to win any of our amazing prizes, not only are you automatically entered to win those prizes, but also you are kindly supporting those in need, such as feeding the less fortunate.

Currently, We are supporting:

  • Hope Mission (Edmonton & Calgary)

Give2Win was born only to support Good Causes. A portion of the proceeds from every ticket purchased, directly feeds 1 person in need.

In terms of dollar percentages, while most leading Competitions only donate less than 10% of all ticket sales to a charity, based on each competition, Give2Win proudly assigns up to 33% of every dollar, towards the Charity we are supporting.